Our mission is to give all students Experience, Excellence, & to instill Leadership by Example.

A Mission of Leadership by Example,


We believe every student has a right to be taught. We believe that regardless of physical, mental, or emotional abilities that everyone can succeed by first learning second by  practicing and third through leadership weather it is in performance teaching or in our community with our community service.. 



Dance is more than just the tutus and a tendus. Striving for Excellence through Dance can address decorum, discipline, perfecting a craft  which builds self respect and confidence. Giving a place to learn and practice. We believe that giving a class is different than teaching a class. our 12 month classes focuses on themes carefully crafted with the student in mind.



There is no magic pill to make a perfect dancer. However, experience can be, by its very nature, exponentially advance any student. The opportunities that are available for our students is unparalleled.  

Two Week Unlimited Introductory Program WITH a Complimentary pair of shoes for only $29.99

Our two week unlimited introductory program includes Two weeks of unlimited classes. Our  introductory students are exposed to the intellectual, emotional, physical and visual aspects of dance. while getting a taste of our disciplined but caring school.  We want the students to have everything they need from day 1 this is why we include and a pair of shoes for the introductory program so you don't have to run around looking for supplies.

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Our students are exposed to the intellectual, emotional, physical and visual aspects of dance