Fairy Princess Camps

What to do with Princess?


Camps are one of those things for working parents that are a must! Always finding the right combination of enrichment, education, fun, and security is a chore. 

Principal Ballet values and appreciates this. Along with our year-round program, we also have camps for your youngest campers.

Half-Day And Full-Day Camp Is Available

What our parents say: 

"Our daughter fell in love with ballet, in no small part, because of her first teacher, Alexia Redick Bartlett.  She took her first Summer camp classes with Alexia when she was just four and she continues to love her sport today at the age of 12. Alexia has a really special way with the little children. She appeals to their sense of fun and need to move.  It’s not a stuffy ballet class but still, nestled in all that commotion, the kids are being taught the foundations of a future in dance. That’s the best way of learning, when it just feels to them like they are playing. Our daughter has gained so much through her dancing at principal and now for the Conservatory. She sees what is achievable with hard work and persistence and she has learned how to handle the successes and disappointments that come with any sport. All of this has helped to provide her with great confidence and a positive attitude. She is a really happy child and her dancing is a big part of her happiness.  We are a glad to be part of the principal family"

Summer Schedule


The Summer is packed with fun and constructive activities as well as amazing choreographers in jazz, hip hop, tap, and of course ballet basics. 

Week 1 & 2: June 17-28

Week  3 & 4: July 8-19

Week 5 & 6: July 22- Aug 2

Week 7 & 8: Aug 5-16

Week 9: Aug 19-23

What do they do all day long?


In general, our schedule looks a little like this:

7:30 - 9 am before care.

9 am - 9:20  drop off.

9:30- 10:15 class

10:15-10:45 potty time and small snack 

10:45-11:10 craft time

11:10-11:50 Performance rehearsal 

11:50-12 get our things ready to go. 

12 lunchtime dismissal.

Our afternoon schedule varies.

Pricing & Discounts


Our families generally pay an average of $250-450 per week; however, we customize or camp and take into account dismissal times, multi-week and multi-family accounts, as well as before and after care. We don't advertise pricing online 

Multi-week discounts apply for any family participating in five or more weeks. The youngest kids who may not be able to handle a whole day away have the ability to stay all day or on a reduced schedule.

Be sure to include any concerns in the additional info section below. You must fill out the form below in order to receive the Summer 20% discounts.

A couple of things that we think make us special.


On Fridays, the big kids help the little kids perform a show for the parents. As part of our leadership training program, our 3E Society kids get to learn how to put on a production, encourage and mentor, as well as develop great task-based leadership and management skills. 

The performance starts at 11:45 and we love when families come with friends and bring flowers for their little stars.

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q: Do they have to be potty trained?

a: No, but it is preferred.

q: Is there nap time for all day kids?

a: There is no scheduled nap time; however, if your child needs a rest we are happy to make them a little nest to rest near the teacher. 

q: What is the student-to-teacher ratio?

a: Our ratio is usually 10:1, however we frequently have older students in our 3E Society assisting as part of their leadership training.

q: Do you provide snacks?

a: We do not provide snacks; however, we will never let a child go hungry. We prefer students to bring their own snack appropriate to their diet.

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