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Our Proven Three E's Program

Principal Ballet is the continuation of of a 95-year-old family tradition of the highest quality ballet and dance instruction. We offer the spectrum of early childhood, per-professional, and adult programs. Whether age 1 or 100, there is a place for you here in a challenging yet nurturing environment where students learn to embody the three E’s – experience, excellence, and leadership by example.


Year-Long Instruction

Amazing memories are made here. Throughout the year students excel in dance and in life, by fostering an environment where they are celebrated and challenged to exceed their personal expectations. Through disciplined instruction in a 12-month introduction program, Principal Ballet instructors have helped thousands of students from preschool grow and matriculate on to colleges (NYU, Harvard, Stamford, and more) and professional companies (Ballet Hispanico, ABT, Boston Ballet, Stuttgart, and many many more)


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Join the new studio with a 95-year-old family history--the excellence, experience, and leadership-by-example-driven Principal Ballet. Students are rewarded daily by their peers and faculty and by the community for their hard work and dedication through performances and programs throughout the year.


"Ballet brought me confidence and helped me get over stage fright. I am able to walk onto any stage and perform any dance or song at anytime.

Ballet helped me with horseback riding, basketball, tennis, gymnastics, all sports, all dance, and even singing. Oh and walking in heels. My legs were strengthened in ballet for horseback riding (English style). Performing "Around the world" on the horse was no problem after ballet.
I had the endurance from ballet to play basketball and all other sports with no problem. Gymnastics was easier because of ballet. My toes were pointed properly and I was not scared of trying new things.

Auditions always went well for me after Nutcracker. I walked in with my head held high and knew exactly what to do. I would sing my heart out using my diaphragm. If it wasn't for Mrs. Redick, I wouldn't know to use my breath properly or where my diaphragm was.

Ballet also taught me to push through pain. That helped me a lot when I had to lots of running for sports, even when injured. My flexibility was definitely from Ballet. I was hounded for years by Karate teachers because of my high kick. When i started Martial Arts, they all asked how I got to be so flexible. I told them years of Ballet. They let me stretch any way I wanted because they saw I would be injured if I did not do my Ballet stretches.

I have to say that I don't think it was all just Ballet though. It was Mrs. Redick's ballet classes. I say this because I've seen other ballerinas growing up not have the knowledge I was given by Mrs. Redick. She taught us to push ourselves hard and find our dreams whether or not we continued dancing ballet. That was a gift beyond words." - D. Amir